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Do you ever get the nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something? For instance, when is your insurance policy going to end? Want to keep all your important documents and IDs safe and access anytime?

There’s a lot for us to keep track of. QuikView is a document expiry reminder and storage app with notifications before the due date. Our app is one of the best apps for organizing personal documents and providing reminders when they are about to expire such as Vehicle Documents (Insurance and Pollution certificate), Investment proofs, Purchase bills and warranty cards, covid vaccination certificates, etc.

Store your all important documents in the app and access them anytime rather than searching all your emails. Store vehicle documents to show them to traffic police and avoid huge penalties. 

Store your family photos or private photos in the app and save your memories without worries of data loss. Also, share with others quickly.

You can add as many folders or documents and everything is offline via scanner or photo gallery. Our app has an inbuilt document scanner to scan documents and store them in the app. 

You will receive timely notification before the expiry of any document like insurance, pollution, etc. so that you can renew it and avoid the deadline hassle. 

QuikView is for everything, a super app to handle all your important documents and a document expiry reminder.

• Document expiry reminder
• Document Scanner
• Upload License, Passport, covid vaccination certificate and any custom document
• Insurance reminder
• Add as many folders or documents and everything is offline
• Add documents and photos from the Photo Library
• Add pdf files

Why QuickView?

1. Document Expiry Reminders
Vehicle Insurance, Pollution, etc,  you cannot forget those important small things in your life. 

2. Document Scanner
The app allows you to scan documents and store them offline so that you can use them anywhere anytime.

3. Powerful Search/Sort Option
You can save the information in an organized way and search in any text field. Keep your insurance or expiry documents for quick access.

4. Easy Document Storage
Storing all your vehicle documents and accessing them in one place, rather than searching all your emails and showing it to the traffic police. Keep all your investment documents in one place which makes it easy while filing ITR.

5. Easy Sharing
Have you ever lost track of your favourite photo or family photo or your passport photo to share it with someone and end up scrolling all your photos in the photo library? You can just tag a name and add it to the app and share it quickly without any hassle.

Keep your documents and images in QuikView App and use it as a single repository. You can save your IDs, Mark sheets, Covid vaccination proof,  Software licenses, Warranty certificates, Car registration renewal etc to remind the expiry date.

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